Welcome to the Zayed University Internal Application,

The University aims to be as accessible as possible to a wide range of students with skills and experiences across multiple disciplines, this unique process for our Undergraduate programs is a mandatory requirement for all prospective students.

Within the ZU Application, you will discover a process that provides students with a platform to showcase their individual suitability for being accepted to study a Unique Interdisciplinary Degree in our College of Interdisciplinary Studies, or College of Arts and Creative Enterprises. You will be expected to complete all sections requested.

  1. About You
  2. Written Assessment
  3. Virtual Interview
  4. Uploading of Documentation (Your Personal Statement, academic qualifications and supporting extra-curricular achievements)

Our application is designed to be thought-provoking and challenging. We are looking to understand how you think; your principles; your problem-solving ability; and your abilities and accomplishments.

Through our Written Assessment, you will respond to an unseen question and have 15 minutes to respond - you will record your screen as you type your reply.

Following this, you should complete the Virtual Interview. Here, you will respond to 4 or 5 questions across academic and non-academic areas of your studies, and areas related to your character and personality. You will once again receive unseen questions or prompts and have 1 minute to read and comprehend, you shall then have 2 minutes to verbally convey your answer, Again, this element of the process will be recorded.

Please note: Your virtual interview and written assessment are recorded.

Tips for a successful application:

Be Well-Rested

Ensure you are mentally and physically prepared for the application challenges. They are timed and require concentration, but importantly, they are meant to be enjoyed and give you the opportunity to speak positively about yourself and be self-reflective.

Quiet and Calm Environment

Make sure that your are as free form distractions as possible. Put your mobile on silent, tell family and friends what you are doing so they do not interrupt.

Thoughtful Preparation

You cannot 'study' for the ZU Application, but you can prepare. Questions and prompts will involve aspects of you as an individual, both related to your academics and extra-curricular activities. You can prepare yourself with re-calling accomplishments and times of success and challenge through your life. These may provide the base of some of your responses, so it is good to refresh your memory of all the things your have done to date. However, be prepared to be agile and think-on-your-feet with your responses.

Help and assistance from others

This is YOUR application to study with ZU, not your sibling's or best-friend's. Therefore, we expect that you tackle all the challenges by yourself with no outside help. Remember! Your camera is recording.

Check your Resources

Before you start the application, make sure that your internet connection is working and that that both your laptop/PC microphone and camera are operational. Students should not use a mobile device as the application is not optimized for this and you will encounter complications.

Don't Delay

We advise students to complete and submit their ZU Application as early as possible. This give students the time and space to make sure all other elements of the entry to ZU are complete as well. You can always log back in to your ZU Application and update you external standardized test scores. We have created the application in a way that allows you to do the application all at once, or in sections - take advantage of that if needs be.

We hope these tips and the information is helpful and we wish you the best of luck with your application.

You can review our full admission requirements here.

Remember, all students must complete and submit their ZU Application, It is a mandatory requirement to successfully qualify for admissions at Zayed University.

If you encounter any technical difficulties during your application process, please email UG_Admssions@zu.ac.ae

If you wish to get some further clarifications on this process, or your overall application to ZU, you can reach out to our Admissions Team for your relevant campus:

Abu Dhabi

Wesam Al Deeb
Reem Almansoori
reem.almansoori@zu.ac.ae +97125993208
Priyanka Pandey
priyanka.pandey@zu.ac.ae +97125993818


Bushra Ahli
bushra.ahli@zu.ac.ae +97144021647
Najla Alnuaimi
najla.alnuaimi@zu.ac.ae +97144021689
Mahmoud Abualfeilat
mahmoud.abualfeilat@zu.ac.ae +97144021849

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